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ASP 101 is an site
ASP 101 is an site
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Sample HTML Code generated by the ASP:
		<table border="2">
				<td><strong>ID Number</strong></td>
				<td><strong>First Name</strong></td>
				<td><strong>Last Name</strong></td>
				<td><strong>Month's Sales</strong></td>
				<td align="center">2</td>
				<td align="left">Janet     </td>
				<td align="left">Leverling </td>
				<td align="right">6250</td>
	<form action="db_pulldown.asp" method="get">
	<select name="id">
		<option value="1">Andrew     Fuller    </option>
		<option value="2">Janet      Leverling </option>
		<option value="3">Steven     Buchanan  </option>
		<option value="4">Margaret   Peacock   </option>
		<option value="5">Robert     King      </option>
		<option value="6">David      Andersen  </option>
		<option value="7">Frank      Edwards   </option>
		<option value="8">Kate       Richards  </option>
		<option value="9">Edward     Jones     </option>
		<option value="10">Laura      Callahan  </option>
		<option value="11">Greg       Miller    </option>
		<option value="12">Tammy      Steel     </option>
		<option value="13">Nancy      Dodsworth </option>
		<option value="14">Beth       Nelson    </option>
		<option value="15">Peter      Hopkins   </option>
		<option value="16">Chris      Graham    </option>
		<option value="17">Vincent    Thompson  </option>
		<option value="18">Ian        Ostrander </option>
		<option value="19">Howard     Quinn     </option>
		<option value="20">Fred       Smith     </option>
		<option value="21">Owen       Ingraham  </option>
		<option value="22">Quincy     Youngs    </option>
		<option value="23">Walter     Zimmerman </option>
		<option value="24">Linda      Valentino </option>
		<option value="25">Debra      Underwood </option>
		<option value="26">Simon      Xavier    </option>
		<option value="27">Mark       White     </option>
	<input type="submit" value="Submit" />


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