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A Guestbook Application
(Text File Based)

by Darren Death


The guest book has been designed to be easily deployed just drop the files into a directory, customize the file paths, and set the appropriate permissions. The guest book does however allow for advanced configuration options which allows for bad word filtering, IP filtering and advanced email options.


  • Easy integration into your present web site with the use of customizable templates, cascading style sheet (CSS) and optional user defined input and exit links.
  • Configurable logging option allows the guest book to log descriptive error and user access message to the web server log.
  • Configurable bad words filter which allows you to block bad words which are passed to the guest book.
  • Configurable IP Address blocking filter which will block unwanted visitors from accessing the guest book.
  • Configurable age blocking filter which prevents under age visitors from signing the guest book.
  • Configurable email auto-responder which allows you to selectively turn email on or off, send an administrative email, and send mail in either HTML or ASCII format.
  • Configurable page titles and form titles.
  • Guest Book can be called via HTTP or HTTPS. There are no hard coded links in the guest book which would prevent this.
  • Security feature which prevents an unauthorized user from sending a form post to the guest book’s primary processing page.
  • Without this feature an unauthorized user could potentially use the guest book as a source to send unauthorized email to unknown users.
  • The guest book generates a new "view" once it has reached a predefined file size. A user that views the guest book entries will be presented by an abbreviated view with a drop down list of additional guest book views.
  • Client Side form validation to ensure users input the appropriate data. Client side form validation takes the processing burden off of the server.

More Info

For more information take a look at the documentation file (PDF format, 30KB).


You can download a copy of the application (includes the PDF documentation file above) from here (40KB).

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