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File Download List

by Jason Withrow


I have noticed the buzz around the ASP 101 user community regarding forcing file downloads in the browser.

Here is a quick example written entirely in asp.

I am not going to go into the details, so you will have to refer to the code.

I will add sort routines to allow column sorting by clicking on a column header in a future release.

Note: One thing to note is that MDAC 2.5 is required to be stable (MDAC 2.1's support for streams is unpredictable), but I suggest 2.6 which you can download from Microsoft's Universal Data Access page.

Webmaster's Note: I know this doesn't have the same type of description we usually give things, but if you have to deal with downloads and haven't checked out ADO's Stream capablity, you really should do yourself a favor and give this code a look.

Getting The Code

You can download a zip file of the code discussed in this article from here.

Update: I replaced the download with a newer version Jason sent in that has better support for Netscape browsers and has the File Property sorting routines included. If you still want it, I've left the older version on the site for reference.

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