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Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Project - Version 0.5

by John Peterson


Have you been putting off buying Visual Studio.NET? Lucky you... don't buy ANY new ASP.NET development tool without looking at this first. One of the best development tools anywhere is now available from Microsoft for FREE!

Normally I'd ramble on about the product and tell you how great it is in order to get you to take a look at it... this time I'm not gonna do that. You know why? Because this baby sells itself!

  1. Small: Weighing in at only 1.2MB, it's a quick download even if you're on a dial-up. A development tool that fits on a floppy!
  2. WYSIWYG Page Designer: In 1.2MB!!! - It's True.
  3. SQL and MSDE Database Management: VS.NET Pro doesn't even do this!
  4. Built-in Web Server: Running XP Home? No problem... we've got your web server right here.
  5. FREE: That's right FREE!!!

For what it's worth, I say go get the thing before someone at Microsoft realizes what they've done and they start charging for it or pull it altogether! It's 1.2MB... I've got email messages bigger then that! If it doesn't do everything you want (no Intellisense and it defaults to non code-behind pages) you can always get rid of it, but trust me... you owe it to yourself to at least give it a look. Go see how much you really can get for so little!

Here's a quick screen cap:

ASP.NET Web Matrix Screen Cap

The Links

Related Information

Once v1 ships, I'll probably write up a review or a comparison to VS.NET. Until then, here's what some other sites are saying:

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