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Dundas Software Releases Dundas Gauge for .NET v.1.5

Press Release

January 10th, 2005 (Toronto) - Dundas Software today announced the official release of Dundas Gauge for .NET Version 1.5. Building on the success of the initial release, version 1.5 offers many exciting new features that further benefit ASP.NET and Windows Forms developers.

Version 1.5 offers new Interactive Smart Client Web Gauges, Flash Rendering abilities, Data Streaming, new Knob Gauge Style and many other enhancements. These new features allow developers to implement interactive thin client functionality, receive data input from end users and allow for more dynamic web-based interfaces to Gauges and Dials.

"Our intention with Dundas Gauge was to create a product that visualized KPI's and real time data in an easy to interpret manner" says Troy Marchand, Vice President of Product Development with Dundas Software. "With the latest release, usability of Dundas Gauges on the web is significantly enhanced as a new level of interaction with end users is now possible."

Dundas Gauge for .NET is available in Windows Forms and ASP.NET editions. It is also available as part of the Enterprise Editions of Dundas Chart for .NET.

For the last 7 years, Dundas Software has been a leading firm in the charting, graphing and data visualization space. This is reflected in Dundas numerous awards and rapid adoption of Dundas Technologies by Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

For more information about Dundas Software, contact:

Ed Worsfold
Director of Marketing
Dundas Software
500-250 Ferrand Dr,
Toronto, ON
M3C 3G8

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