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Multi-User Login With Database-Based Authentication

by Rahul Mahajan

Multiple User Accounts with User Authentication with the help of Database connection.

I would like to share the ASP code prepared by me - Multi User Login & Authentication. It's a Multi-User Login code with new user registration, login, password retreving, account information, admin account etc. The code is written in ASP and VBscript.

The files included are as follows:

File Type File Name Details
Registration File registration.asp The registration page for new user.
Login File login.asp The login page of website.
Forgot Password File forget.asp The password retrieving page of website.
Authentication File logincheck.asp File used for User/Login Authentication.
Protected Area File protected.asp The protected file/area of website.
Login Check File validate.asp The file use at the time of login.
Unauthorized Area File unauthorized.asp File will be shown on unauthorized login.
Logout File logout.asp The logout page of website.
Contact Form contactus.html Feedback/Contact Form of website.
For Administrator
View User Information File edituser.asp Admin can view user's account information.
Delete User File deleteuser.asp Admin can delete user's account information.

Database File (i.e. users.mdb) is password protected named - password

Other Added VBScripts & ASP Files All these files are in a folder named Example.
Database (.mdb) File
Global.asa File

Code Briefing:

  • Now let me tell you how it works. Firstly, when the user want to visit the PROTECTED AREA of your site, he/she have to register his/her name before login - registration.asp
  • After completing the Registration process, new user can login - login.asp
  • User enters the Username and Password - if the Username and Password is correct, then the protected page will be open - protected.asp
  • If the Username or Password are incorrect - an error message will be displayed and user will be redirected to login page again.
  • To logout the protected area of the file simply click - logout.asp
  • After logout, if the the user/member has to login again then he/she have to login again.


About Authentication File (logincheck.asp):

Please note that this file is very important if you have links in PROTECTED AREA of your website and you want them not to be open without login, then this code is for you.


Login Page --> After entering correct Username & Password opens --> Protected Page

Protected Page


Link1 - Link2 - Link3 - Link4 - Link5

Suppose the user visits the PROTECTED AREA of the website on Day1 and found that there are some Links which are written in protected page (i.e. protected.asp, in this case) and the user visits one of the given link. If the user notes the URL of that particular page then the user can easily visit that page without login. To prevent this, Authentication File is used. Therefore user has to login each time user visit the site.

There are two methods to perform:

  1. By including Authentication File on the top of every page linked to PROTECTED AREA before <html> tag.

    <!--#include file="logincheck.asp"-->

  2. By writing the content of the logincheck.asp on the top of every page PROTECTED AREA before <html> tag.

Get the Code

Please copy all files to a web server running IIS 5.0 or IIS 6.0 and try the code out for yourself.

Important: If you want to test the code on a free server, then you must upload the files on a free server which supports ASP and MS-Access.

If you still face any problem then please mail me on above E-Mail address.

Happy Programming!

You can download discussed above from here: (100 KB)

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