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Alex Homer's Professional ASP Web Techniques

This manuscript is an abridged version of a chapter from the Wrox Press book Alex Homer's Professional ASP Web Techniques. One of the main thorns in the side of all Web developers has to be that of browser compatibility. Chapter 4 is, therefore, devoted to the issues involved in trying to offer the best cross-platform support for browsers, coving issues such as detecting the different browser makes and versions, creating and presenting pages that are complex and attractive, yet still compatible, and creating Channel links in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Alex Homer's Professional ASP Web Techniques builds upon the successful formula of Professional ASP Techniques for Webmasters - 1861001797, but this time reaching much more deeply into present day technology choices and troubleshooting, discussing only those events that a real webmaster in the field can solve with code and architectural changes. For further details about the book, and other books in our range, visit the Wrox Press Web Site.

For more information and details of our full range visit our main sites at Wrox USA or Wrox Europe. To contact us with any comments or suggestions about our Web site, e-mail to:

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