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An Overview of ASP.NET - Improved Security

An Overview of ASP.NET

by John Peterson

Improved Security

I can hear you now "Yeah, yeah, yeah... so people won't break in. Who cares?" Well you should!

Account impersonation

You can now get real account impersonation and have the server execute code as if the user was sitting right there. You can also programmatically check to see if the user is in a given role and conditionally let them do certain things only if they have the correct permissions.

Most of the rest is the same... more options... better support. Users and Roles are cool, but this is what you care about...

Forms-based authentication

Finally it's here! Forms-based authentication is where you can do your own custom login screen and your own credential checking and yet still have ASP.NET handle authenticating the user, redirecting unauthorized users to the login page, cookie management, and all the junk you used to have to build yourself. This sort of authentication extremely popular on the web already, but you had to build it... well not any more!

This is a godsend for anyone doing database-based authentication or if you just can't justify giving every user a NT account, but you still want to secure something. Or what about time-based authentication where you only let users in during work hours. The list of useful applications goes on and on, but now the implementation time doesn't have to.

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