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Microsoft Announces "Everett"

by John Peterson

One of the benefits of being well connected is that you don't have to work as hard to keep on top of things... people tell you when news is breaking or something big is going to happen. Luckily for me, I am somewhat connected. Luckily for you, you guys know me! Let me introduce you to Everett...

Webmaster's Note: Please bear with us as John rambles on with this "connected" lingo. He's eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Sopranos season 3 DVDs. We anticipate that their arrival will set things back to normal in short order. If it doesn't, we'll have a "friend of ours" have a "talk" with him.  ;)

The Email

Here's the message I got from my contact at Microsoft.

Hi John,

You probably have already seen the news, but I wanted to send this along because it's very important to your audience. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the roadmap for their developer tools, Visual Studio .NET. The reason that I wanted to reiterate this announcement to you is because it's very important that developers understand what this means to them. Here are the straight facts:

  • Everett is the code-name for the next version of Visual Studio .NET. Official "naming" of the product has not yet been determined.
  • Everett is an incremental release with improved user experience and is primed for Windows .NET Server.
  • Key components of Everett are the .NET Compact Framework and Smart Device Extensions. These components give Visual Studio developers the full support for mobile development.
  • Although pricing is not disclosed, Microsoft will be offering a special limited time price of $29 to upgrade. This price will cover packaging and shipping and is good only through direct purchases from Microsoft.

Now here's some more stuff....

On Tuesday, Microsoft along with [will announce] the revamp and launch of built on .NET technologies. switched to .NET, which resulted in a 50% decrease in development time and an amazing 400% increase in performance and decreased total cost of ownership. Although I don't normally highlight customers that often, I was pretty impressed with the benefits they experienced and thought that you would also think it was interesting.

Other than that, just wanted to give you a heads up that on Monday they will be announcing another technology that will be of interest to your audience. I'll send a mail along highlighting that on Monday.

Here are links to the press releases from these two announcements:

Everett release: [Microsoft Synchronizes Next Version of Visual Studio .NET With Windows .NET Server] joint announce: [Microsoft and Team Up To Revamp Leading IT Employment Web Site]

As usual your feedback is encouraged and welcome!

More Info

Another link (mentioned in the actual announcement) that gives you a little more information and you may find interesting is the Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 20022004.

If you've got any interest in where the Microsoft development platform is heading, do yourself a favor and take the time to read the couple pages.

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