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Download the Final Release of the .NET Framework SDK!

Download the Final Release of the .NET Framework SDK

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning on January 16, 2002 John wrote:

Download the Final Release of the .NET Framework SDK

It's so late that it's early! I was just finishing up this week's newsletter when this tasty gem came across my email. I've just finished downloading my 131 MB copy and am too tired to write a blurb so here's the one from MSDN:

"Get everything you need to write, build, test, and deploy .NET Framework applications, including documentation, samples, and command-line tools."

What else is there to say... just get it already!

Oh... and the small 21 MB version for those of you who don't want all the goodies (docs/quickstart/command-line/MSDE/etc.) or are looking for the version to install on your server without mucking it up.

Oh... and check out Microsoft launched a new version of the site for the .NET launch.

.NET has finally arrived!

As always... stay tuned for more ASP.NET info.

The Announcement

I was cleaning out my email box when I ran across this and thought I'd post it for those of you who haven't seen a copy yet:

Subject: ASP.NET V1 is released and now available for download!

I am pleased to announce that ASP.NET Version 1.0 has been released to manufacturing and is now available for immediate download from Please make sure to remove all previous beta versions of ASP.NET prior to installing the final version.

It has been a long road since the project's inception and a truly amazing beta process. On behalf of the entire ASP.NET product team I'd like to thank all of you for the unbelievable enthusiasm and support that helped sustain us along the way.

In recognition of the final countdown to the launch, I thought I'd leave you with some final statistics about the ASP.NET V1 Project:

- 8,400,000,000: # of ASP.NET Pages served by site (with beta2!)
- 5,343,271:     # of lines of source code in the project
- 3,500,000:     # of ASP.NET Beta2 CDs distributed in magazines
- 252,000:       # of downloads of the IBuySpy samples
- 178,920        # of cans of soda (approximately) consumed by team during project
- 21,453:        # of US attendees at the 1 TechEd and 2 PDC events so far about .NET
- 14,926:        # of hours of server stress on the RTM bits (with zero failures!)
- 7,400:         # of customers that deployed ASP.NET Beta2 apps with the Go Live License
- 3,473:         # of .cs source files in the .NET Framework source tree
- 1,491:         # of days since ASP.NET V1 started (4 years ago!)
- 904:           # of samples in the ASP.NET Quickstarts
- 314:           # of days since IBuySpy News app was supposed to go live (oops!)
- 66:            # of ASP.NET Community Sites listed on
- 33:            # of international languages ASP.NET will be localized into
- 31:            # of .NET code languages that developers can use with ASP.NET
- 30:            # of ASP.NET books on bookshelves today (40+ more coming!)
- 28:            # of times ASP.NET is faster than J2EE on SUN's Petstore app! :-)
- 4:             # of buildings in Redmond we have occupied (buildings 6, 31, 10, 42)
- 3:             # of product names ASP.NET has had (XSP, ASP+, ASP.NET)
- 0:             # of days you need to wait for ASP.NET V1 to ship -- it is here now!

Thank you again for all your support, we hope you enjoy the final result.

Lastly, for those who might ask "what is next?", rest assured that work on the next version of ASP.NET is already furiously underway.

V1 is only the beginning....

- Microsoft ASP.NET Team

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