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The Adobe PDF format is widely recognized as the most convenient way of sharing documents over the Internet. Though Adobe Corporation’s Acrobat Distiller® program is a good desktop solution for converting documents to PDF, many Fortune 500 and dot com companies need added flexibility, a wider range of creation options, and a means to work with interactive forms and user-edited documents to communicate effectively internally and externally with their customers.

activePDF, Inc. offers a complete suite of industrial strength PDF tools that free the developer from the nuances and idiosyncrasies of dynamic PDF creation. The most comprehensive server-side PDF development tool in existence, activePDF is unique in the PDF industry by offering a server based suite of tools with no per user or per document licensing. activePDF is the only PDF tool vendor to also provide COM object level access within all of its products to give developers complete control over the PDF creation and manipulation process.

Persits Software, Inc. is a Web product development and consulting company specializing in Microsoft technologies and tools.

Persits Software offers five popular ASP components. AspNTUser is a comprehensive Windows NT user and group account management component that comes with a fully functional Web-based User Manager application. AspAccessControl manages Access Control Lists (ACLs) of NTFS files and directories. AspGrid is a server-side data-bound grid control. AspUpload is an upload component that allows ASP applications to accept files uploaded to the server with a browser. This component has built-in blob support and ACL management functionality. AspEmail is a free SMTP mail component which supports file attachments.

.netCHARTING provides high-end charting for your ASP.NET web site. Easily create dynamic multi-series charts from your own database in as few as 8 lines of code. Stunning visuals surpass even high end desktop applications and help to redefine expectations for web based charting. Supports hundreds of different charting variations, alone or in combination, in both 2D and 3D views. "No nonsense" licensing includes unlimited development / test servers, unlimited users / CPUs and free lifetime product support. Download a FREE fully functional developers version today.

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