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With the connections open...
dim paging, aline, series, sNext, sPrev

while not rsInput.EOF
series = series + 1

The variable 'series' is a page counter, which begins with this while loop. Below is the code to create filenames and Next-Previous links.

for paging =1 to 80
if paging = 1 then
  if series < 100 then
    if series < 10 then
      htmlOut = "D:\Webshare\wwwroot\asp\csfa\csfa_00" & series & ".html"
      sNext = series + 1
      if sNext = 9 then
        htmlNext = "csfa_010.html"
        htmlNext = "csfa_00" & sNext & ".html"
      end if
    sPrev = series - 1
    htmlPrev = "csfa_00" & sPrev & ".html"
    htmlOut = "D:\Webshare\wwwroot\asp\csfa\csfa_0" & series & ".html"
    sNext = series + 1
    htmlNext = "csfa_0" & sNext & ".html"
    sPrev = series - 1
    if sPrev = 9 then
      htmlPrev = "csfa_009.html"
      htmlPrev = "csfa_0" & sPrev & ".html"
    end if
    end if
    htmlOut = "D:\Webshare\wwwroot\asp\csfa\csfa_" & series & ".html"
    sNext = series + 1
    htmlNext = "csfa_" & sNext & ".html"
    if series = 1 then
      htmlPrev = "csfa_001.html"
      sPrev = series - 1
      if sPrev = 99 then
        htmlPrev = "csfa_099.html"
        htmlPrev = "csfa_" & sPrev & ".html"
      end if
    end if
  end if

This section of code above is mainly dealing with getting the automatic paging correct. As the records get processed, I use three digit auto naming so therefore must fill leading zeros for both the filename and for the Next-Previous buttons, so, it's a lot of code for a simple idea. The results are buttons that work and files that sort sequentially by filename. Next is the head portion of the page, which will contain two columns of 40 entries each.

Previous versions of VBScript are CaseSensitive, this is written for the latest version.
Development Test System: Windows98, PentiumII 200MHz 128Mb
Personal Web Server 4.0 (IIS4), SQL7b3, Personal Oracle, Sybase

Author: T.Mallard, Seattle, WA
Copyright 1999 Thomas Mallard, USA


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