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<!--#include file="token.asp"-->
' ************************************************************************* ' This is all test/example code showing the calling syntax of the ' cBuffer class ... the interface to the cBuffer object is quite simple. ' ' Use it for reference ... delete it ... whatever. ' ************************************************************************* REM This is a rem type comment just for testing purposes! ' This variable will hold an instance of the cBuffer class Dim objBuffer ' Set up the error handling On Error Resume Next ' create the instance of the cBuffer class Set objBuffer = New cBuffer ' Set the PathToFile property of the cBuffer class ' ' Just for kicks we'll use the asp file that we created ' in the last installment of this article series for testing purposes objBuffer.PathToFile = "../081899/random.asp" ' Here's an example of how to add a new keyword to the keyword array ' You could add a list of your own function names, variables or! ' NOTE: You can add different HTML formatting if you like, the <strong> ' attribute will applied to all keywords ... this is likely to change ' in the near future. ' 'objBuffer.AddKeyword "response.write", "<font color=Red>Response.Write</font>" ' Here are examples of changing the table background color, code color, ' comment color, string color and tab space properties ' 'objBuffer.TableBGColor = "LightGrey" ' or 'objBuffer.TableBGColor = "#ffffdd" ' simple right? 'objBuffer.CodeColor = "Red" 'objBuffer.CommentColor = "Orange" 'objBuffer.StringColor = "Purple" 'objBuffer.TabSpaces = " " ' Call the ParseFile method of the cBuffer class, pass it true if you want the ' HTML contained in the page output or false if you don't objBuffer.ParseFile False ' Check for errors that may have been raised and write them out If Err.number <> 0 Then Response.Write Err.number & ":" & Err.description & ":" & Err.source & "<br>" End If ' Output the processing time and number of lines processed by the script Response.Write "<strong>Processing Time:</strong> " & objBuffer.ProcessingTime & " seconds<br>" Response.Write "<strong>Lines Processed:</strong> " & objBuffer.LineCount & "<br>" ' Destroy the instance of our cBuffer class Set objBuffer = Nothing
Processing Time: 0 seconds
Lines Processed: 60

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