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Response Object


  • Cookies: Specifies cookie values. Using this collection, you can set cookie values.


  • Buffer: Indicates whether page output is buffered.
  • CacheControl: Determines whether proxy servers are able to cache the output generated by ASP.
  • Charset: Appends the name of the character set to the content-type header.
  • ContentType: Specifies the HTTP content type for the response.
  • Expires: Specifies the length of time before a page cached on a browser expires.
  • ExpiresAbsolute: Specifies the date and time on which a page cached on a browser expires.
  • IsClientConnected: Indicates whether the client has disconnected from the server.
  • Pics: Adds the value of a PICS label to the pics-label field of the response header.
  • Status: The value of the status line returned by the server.


  • AddHeader: Sets the HTML header name to value.
  • AppendToLog: Adds a string to the end of the Web server log entry for this request.
  • BinaryWrite: Writes the given information to the current HTTP output without any character-set conversion.
  • Clear: Erases any buffered HTML output.
  • End: Stops processing the .asp file and returns the current result.
  • Flush: Sends buffered output immediately.
  • Redirect: Sends a redirect message to the browser, causing it to attempt to connect to a different URL.
  • Write: Writes a variable to the current HTTP output as a string.

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