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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • ASP Data Access Class (4.2 KB) by Jason Withrow

    "Hey, Jason Withrow here. I haven't been around much, mostly been doing C# winforms stuff, but I wrote this ASP DAL wrapper for [a] website and thought others would probably find it useful.

    I have included the class file and a sample asp file that demonstrates how to use the various methods."

    - Jason

  • SQL Insert String Builder (2.1 KB) by David Lerner

    "In creating my new site, I have come up with a piece of code which I call Universal SQL Insert String. Basically, it is an include page which will automatically create a variable (cmndINSET) which is a correctly formatted insert string for Access databases based on the submitted form fields. It is to be used within the asp results page that proceses the form and inserts the forms responses into the database. I have set up the code so that the table and any form fields you want excluded from the database are defined on the results page."

    David Lerner

  • Phone Number to Text Phrase ASP Script (1.4 KB) by Vince Mayo

    Here's a fun little script that will print out every possible word that your phone number might spell. While I didn't get anything as cool as GoFedEx or PickUPS, I did find out that my number spells the gems JUXXEMS, KTYYENS, and LUXYDOS.

  • Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level Retriever (55 KB) by M. Shawn McGrady


    First I just wanted to let you know I have been learning from your (and 4Guys) website for the past 2 years! I truly have built 98% of my site from your contributions!

    Now it is my chance to give something back to you and your readers.

    I have been looking for a script that will auto-pull the status from the DHS website and display the appropriate image on my site but couldn't find one. True, SoftShell has a DLL that can do it... but I didn't want to install any unnecessary files. And there are some CGI and PHP Blocks out there but no straight-up 'Ol ASP that would do it.

    So I tracked down that HTTP request from ASP 101 and combined it with a Regular Expression script from 4Guys and Woo Hoo! we have real-time checking.

    Again, thank you for your site and its content... especially the samples and lessons!"

    M. Shawn McGrady

    Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level - Low Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level - Guarded Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level - Elevated Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level - High Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level - Severe

    Webmaster's Note: There are a couple of things that I feel I should mention. As with any HTTP requesting script... it would be a good idea to add some form of caching. HTTP requests can be very slow and can have a significant negative impact on the performance of your site. Caching helps speed up your page loads and as an added benefit helps alleviate the load on the server providing the data feed. So... do yourself and everyone else a favor and please cache! It's really pretty easy to do. If you find yourself having problems check out my article A Simple Method for Caching HTTP Requests.

    Next... I've included two sets of images... the first came with the script. I'm not sure of their origin. The second is the set that the DHS's site is currently using. Use them both at your own risk.

  • Required Fields Sample Form (2 KB) by Adrienne Boswell
    Required Fields Sample Form Screen Capture

    "This is a simple form for collecting name and address information. What is unique about it is how it deals with required fields, and how it formats those fields if the user leaves a required field blank. If a field is left blank, the page automatically goes to the form element that is missing, and alerts the user.

    The form is valid XHTML Strict and uses CSS to position the elements, instead of tables. It also has tool tips for the input elements.

    There is also a rudimentary email verification check, and messages to the user indicating what is wrong.

    I have commented both the ASP and the CSS/HTML. The form formats and works well in modern browsers, including IE, and is usable in NS4, but has issues."

  • Multiple Dropdown Lists Sample Code (11.4 KB) by Jamal Ahmad Malik

    One of our visitors sent us an alternate method of dealing with linked dropdown lists that pull their data from a database. His solution uses ASP-generated, client-side javascript to avoid making a round trip to the server to fill the second list.

    " This file contains Multi Dropdowns solution from Database. As you select one value from the first dropdown the other dropdown will show the corresponding values of first dropdown."

  • ASP Speech (1.5 KB) by Jamal Ahmad Malik

    I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, but here's a script that will enable your web server to speak to you. That's assuming it has a sound card and speakers...

    " This file conatins a sample use of Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI 5.1) in ASP pages. It's a pleasure to submit this code for others to use. I hope your users like this one. "

  • Barcode Generator (1.8 KB) by James Lamb
    Barcode Sample

    " This program will generate the simpler Code39 (or Code 3-for-9) barcodes. You'll find these barcodes on staff and student ID badges, video rental cards and so on.

    Code39 works with alternating bands of black and white. Each character is represented by 7 bands. The band is either wide or narrow. Inbetween each character there is a band of white the same width as the narrow band.

    Height and Width are defined by the variables numWidth and numHeight, allowing you to customize as needed.

    The code could probably be optimized and cleaned up; this was just a quick program to solve a need we had here. If you find the code useful, I'd love to hear from you."

    James Lamb

  • Word Document Creator (24 KB) by James Campbell

    "After being asked by numerous clients to allow the internet / intranet.... user to printout the content of a webpage, I trawled the internet to try and find a suitable printing / document creator. But because pdf's are too expensive / fiddly etc to create, I came up with the attached routine which creates a word file on the fly.

    1. Create the word document that you want to print
    2. Export the file to an rtf
    3. Run the routine that replaces the contents with the correct FSO commands (replace.asp)
    4. Paste the code into the 'word\build\create.asp' or navigate to the index.asp after you have unzipped the files.

    The routine does not open the word file on the server, so there seems to be no major server load. Plus no COM objects to download!!!"

    James Campbell
    Stutter Systems

  • A Script to Teach You About Using Forms with ASP (2.2 KB) by Lance Bailles

    "I would like to donate a sample ASP form that I created for use in internal training. It demonstrates the basics of using forms in conjunction with .asp.

    The sample is 176 lines, submits to itself, is completely self-contained with no includes, and uses normal .asp.

    If you are interested, I can send you the file in any format you wish, gratis."

    Best regards,
    Lance Bailles

  • Scrolling Guestbook (20.3 kb) by

    Here at ASP 101, we're not really known for our ability to create stunning graphics (otherwise we'd have named the site Graphics 101). That said, some of our users are pretty decent at making things look pretty. This cool looking guestbook is one such example.

    Oh... and it scrolls too...

  • VBScript Virgenere Encryption Routine (1.8 kb) by Tim Milo

    "Here's a VBScript version of the classic virgenere encryption routine found elsewhere on the web in Javascript. I've taken the liberty of simplifying it quite a bit, without losing the essence of what it does.

    I believe the script is self-explanatory. I have used it to encrypt/decrypt sensitive data in my databases.

    Let me know if you find it useful."

    Tim Milo
    President, ViziMetrics, Inc.

Visitor Contributions Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]
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