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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • RSS Newsgrabber (3.5 KB) by Eric Walters

    "Attached is a new script I've been working on. It uses the XMLHTTP and XMLDOM objects to download and parse an RSS newsfeed file. I've taken the time to write comments throughout this script because it needs it. I think this is a good script to tear in to and see how to extract information from XML files using the XMLDOM, as XML seems to be the current favorite for data exchange.

    The script is fully functional and has been tested with many different sources. If anyone finds a source that causes an error in this script, please report it to"

    Eric Walters

  • Database Export to CSV (15 KB) by Eric Walters

    "Here is an ASP script that I wrote to export information from a remote database to CSV. I haven't seen a script for this around, so I figured I'd make one. The only thing you're required to edit in the script is the DSN information. By default the output directory is the same directory as the script, but can be edited in the code.

    The code is pretty much straightforward and isn't too hard to read (I try to keep my code clean and indented). For the sake of time (and sanity), I've left much of it uncommented. If anybody needs explaination of a section of code, they can email me at

    Hope this helps somebody out as much as ASP 101 has helped me."
    Eric Walters

  • Menu Class (26 KB) & Datagrid Class (24 KB) by Nick DelMedico

    "I just received your ASP 101 News Flash email and saw that you accepted visitor contributions, so I figured I'd share these 2 classes I've written. The first is a menu building class and the second is my first attempt at imitating the functionality of the data grid in ASP.NET. Both zip's include ReadMe.txt's and detailed examples that you can just unzip and run. Hope somebody finds them useful."

    Nick DelMedico

    Webmaster's Note: Both of these are pretty cool, but if you do anything with databases and are still using classic ASP, do yourself a favor and check out the datagrid class... you'll thank me... actually... thank Nick.

  • Dynamic Select Box Creating Function (11 KB) by Hernan Garcia

    "This is a simple script that builds a select field from a database. The nice thing is that it is encapsulated in a function and supports ccs, js functions, how many fields from the database are used to display it, etc... Is a very useful piece of code that I use in most of my development projects and now other developers in the company I'm working for are finding it usefull, so maybe your readers will too. Let me know.

    In the attached zip file you will find a simple access database (only one table), a sample file, a connection include file and the include file with the function itself.

    I hope you enjoy it and can help your readers the same way other samples help me to be a better programmer."

    Hernan Garcia

  • Anti-Leech Download Script (2 KB) by Rudy Dullier


    I often got help browsing your site and would like to help you, now that I got a job as an asp coder ;)

    This is an anti leech script I made for a friend, who hosts his band's site on my server. I had to avoid some people from leeching theses files... after all it's my bandwidth. ;)

    The script is composed of a dl.asp which checks for a session variable before allowing the user to download the file. The session variable is defined in some other file, whether it's your header.asp or anything else.

    This session variable is :

    Session("AllowDownload") = True

    In my case, I put it in the mp3.asp file, so they can download files from there. The links to the files look like this:

    <A HREF="/dl.asp?3000.mp3">3000.mp3</A><BR>
    <A HREF="/dl.asp?dernier.mp3">dernier.mp3</A><BR>
    <A HREF="/dl.asp?empire.mp3">empire.mp3</A><BR>

    I don't ask for any credit, just do whatever you want with it! If I can send you more, let me know."

  • File Listing Script (WSC File) (1.2 KB) by Darin Weakley

    "Here's a WSC I created a while back and thought I'd share it with you. Simply pass it a directory string and it will return a hyper-linked list of each of the files in the directory. I use it for my MP3s, which reside on a server. I point my browser to the MP3 page and blam...a hyper-linked list of all my MP3s appears. I simply click and enjoy the tunes. Anyway, perhaps one of your subscribers wants to use it for something or even... write a compiled version! (I'm too lazy). Thanks, and enjoy!"

  • Database-Based Download Processor (2 KB) by Danny McGrath


    I was interested in using the file download sample on your site that was written by Jason Withrow, the only problem was that I had a massive number [of] files [to] offer in different locations so I took his code and altered it a bit to work from a simple database.

    I've not included anything to actually display the files because I use them individually around my site - it's easier to manually code the links. It's easy enough to pull the records from the database like in the original sample (but using the file system!)

    Hope you like it and think its worthy of the site!"

    Danny McGrath

    Webmaster's Note: Just so I don't get swamped with requests... there's no sample database with this one. In the zip file you'll find a text file outlining the basic schema in use in the script. For your convenience, I've also added a SQL script that will create a blank table to the bottom of that file for those of you who want it.

  • Online Test Builder Sample Application by Richard Healey

    "First is a online test building aplication designed in asp. As I learned most my asp code here I would like to share it with you all site is where you can also download full sorce code its done with access database"

    Richard Healey

  • Counter / Stats Sample Application by Richard Healey

    "Secound is Counter/Stats package which has all the normal counter and stats stuff done with access database code and examples can be found at"

    Richard Healey

  • Dynamic Textbox Creation by Ashly G. M

    Dear sir,

    I am mailing you a code of runtime textbox creation and manipulating the values written in them.

    The code consists of three files (asp files) which are

    1. common.asp (The connection setting's file)
    2. default.asp
    3. dynamictextbox.asp
    4. shop.mdb (A sample database on which the sample code depends)

    The default.asp file is the main file and the other files are linked to it.

    The knowledge of runtime textbox creation and manipulating of values is required if you wish to build a shopping cart. I have given explanations for each step with comment tags. Each step is self explanatory. If you require some explanation of the content you can mail me.

    I only ask that if this code is published on your site, I get mentioned along with my email address. I Do Not however require links, or a mention by those who use the code in their own pages.

    Yours Sincerly
    Ashly G. M

Visitor Contributions Pages:  [<< Prev]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]
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