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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • List Maker by Juanita Chronowski

    Creates an HTML list from any text file you want. This one script will provide lists for many text files dynamically.

  • ISO Date & Time Converter by Cristiano Guglielmetti

    This function was designed to obtain a coherent, reversable date & time stamp. It can be used for any number of things. (IE. to add to a user's uploaded file in a web application)

  • File Name Converter by Cristiano Guglielmetti

    "This script runs onto IIS webserver and it's designed to take large number of files (ex. pics, gif, jpg, bmp) with no-progressive filename from a (web)directory, rename them with a progressive number, keeping the same file extension, and move them into a new (web)directory.

    For example you cold have in directory named FromDir those files:

    After the script run you will have into FromDir no files and into TargetDir:

    Especially designed for pictures, the scripts will ignore the thumbs db created by Windows (thumbs.db)."

    Cristiano Guglielmetti

  • Array Functions by Martin Cusack

    "Here is the code for passing array's through session Var's. I have not commented it but it is pretty simple concept. The functions are used as follows:

    Set_Session_Array("New_Session_Var", array_to_pass)

    This will break down the array into a single string and add a delimiter between elements.


    This will get the delemited string and break it into an array.

    I have included a breif example in the code for your reference."

    Thank You
    Martin Cusack

  • Poll Administration Pages by Rob Berger

    "I have never found a good (and free) set of asp pages to administer a poll, so I created my own. Here they are, with a sample mdb file. The whole system was based on the poll pages at I modified it in a few ways: instead of basing polls on a date period (users and servers have different times across the world), I made the poll active/inactive. I also modified it so that each user is only allowed to vote once per poll (instead of once per day in the 4GFR example) by writing a cookie to the user's machine with the PollId of the current poll. Users can also click on the View Results link on the poll page to view the results without voting.

    Deleting polls removes both the poll and any poll options that were created. I'm sure the code could be more compact and more error checking could be done, but it works great for me. Put the poll.asp and pollresults.asp in the same directory. All others can be in a hidden admin directory as long as everything points to the db correctly."


  • Ini Files Instead of a Database by Lucas Nodine

    "I have recently developed a asp script that basically replaces a database. It is almost like a .ini file except it stores data in a [Section]key=key value format.

    This is meant to help people that cannot or do not wish to have to pay for an actual database for their site. I am actually using this script on a site I am getting ready to release, and I have tested this one I am sending you. If you have any questions on any aspect of the script, please feel free to ask. ASP 101 has been helping me since I started, now I can actually maybe give something back."

  • Tweaked Calendar Sample by David McIntosh

    "I took the liberty to tweak the free calendar found on your site.

    I made 3 major revisions:

    1. The date select for Month Day and Year are all generated with ASP arrays. I re-worked the Mon, Tue, Wed, ect to be generated as well.
    2. I added a line at the top to be able to change the name of the file and still have everything work.
    3. I cleaned up the tables a bit. Also... the arrows now stay in place from month to month.

    Please let me know if this is helpful at all. I love your site and find so much help there daily.

    Keep up the great job and I will try to donate some fresh new scripts soon.
    Thank you..."

  • Banner Rotator Script by Bernardo Achirica

    " I'm not sure if you are the correct person to send feedback... but the form in the site would be to small for this.. :-)

    I have been reading the Banner Rotator article in your web site, and I have what I think is a better solution. It has been designed by me for my web site ( I'm sure it could be better designed but I started it as a small banner rotator and has been increasing capabilities trying not to modify too much the original design... "

  • Export To XML by James Campbell

    "I built this example because I kept getting asked by a number of Graphic Designers to use XML. The following is my initial attempt at exporting data from an Access database into an XML document using the FSO.

    • Simply place this in your web directory and it will work immediatly.
    • The index.asp page display the contents of the database, along with a tick box for each product you wish to see in the xml document.
    • The build.asp page grabs the info from the form on the index.asp and uses the FSO to export and xml page.
    • Once the build page has performed the build task, you are redirected to the xml page.

    Unfortunatly this is as far as I have got with the example."

    James Campbell

  • Simple Guestbook by Richard Arnold

    "Guestbook code by Richard Arnold - BrainSolutions ©2000, You're free to use this code non-commercially. Please let me know if you have any questions or comment.


    • raguestbook.mdb - The database
    • default.asp - The guestbook-displaying page
    • guestbook.asp - The message-post form
    • readme.txt - This file

    Just unzip and run default.asp!"

Visitor Contributions Pages:  [<< Prev]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]
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