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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • Recursive version of our Directory Listing Script by Vince Mayo

    " I have got this to work without too many changes. If a person has directory browsing turned off, this would work for them.

    I did not get it to work at first becuase the script name inside the document (on the response.write line) was not the same physical name as the script. I changed this and it worked well. I took out the other things I thought I would have needed.

    I have attached this small script in case you wanted to see the changes. "

    Update: The code has been modified to fix/change the following:

    1. It should now be filename independent. You can name it whatever you want and it should still link back to itself anyway.
    2. The error message when trying to go outside the root folder has been changed.
    3. Once you've moved into a sub-folder, a ".." link now exists to take you up a level in order to make moving around the tree structure easier.
  • VBScript Regular Expression Email Validator by

    "Here's another thing you might like to put in your Visitor Contributions area... :)

    I almost didn't send it - but I didn't see any other scripts showing how to use the regexp object with vbscript... so what the hey..

    It's similar to the JScript Email Validator by, except this is totally VBScript..."

  • ASP Tree Control by Jacob Gilley

    "Attached is a Tree control I designed. I've included a readme.txt as well as examples for creating custom Trees."

  • File Download (List Format) by Neil Humphrey

    "I found Jean-Philippe Gravel's "File Download" script for listing files in a select box handy and compact. But I had ~100 PDF files to list, so I wanted to use text/href links instead of form OPTION elements--with text links, my site users can use their browser's "Find" on the page. I modified Mr. Gravel's code to my purposes and thought it was only right to share it since I got it from your site."

  • Alternating Cell Colors in a DB Table by Juanita Chronowski

    "This ASP code will alternate cell color. Also it will let you specify the number of columns that you would like to display."

  • DoSQL by Alex A. Popluiev

    " Dear colleagues,

    I would like to introduce ASP tool doSQL.Asp -- the executor of SQL queries and directory browser with text editing ability in one.

    First function - executor of SQL queries:

    • just enter your SQL query(s) and DSN or connect string
    • two output modes: top 10 and all records
    • smart formatted result output
    • easy sorting result by click
    • stack of executed SQLs
    • integrated small help on SQL syntax & data types

    Second function - directory browser with text editing ability:

    • easy start from current physical path
    • compact list of sub-folders and files
    • easy navigation with click-and-go
    • stack of viewed paths
    • editing if text files

    Be careful -- this tools can be very dangerous for your site. You may freely use this tool with one exception: don't remove original copyright notes. "

  • Pure ASP File Upload by Scott Scriver

    Note: Here's one from the forum!

    " I apologize to the people who are trying to make a buck or two by selling their COM Object, but, hey, we are all here to help each other, right?

    I have seen many questions on how to upload a file to the server using pure ASP. Some people find this to be an opportunity to sell a 3rd party COM object. While this will get the job done, most ASP programmers just want to know how to do it via pure ASP.

    So, I have taken the time to provide you with the code. Copy and paste the following code into a file called Upload.asp to be located on your root directory. This code will upload a file to your Images directory. Ensure that the web user has permission to read/write/modify/delete on the images directory"

  • Simple Boolean Search by Alex Taylor

    " I saw the 'find and replace' script on your site and decided to modify it to give a simple boolean search engine for sites with no database connection.

    Put the file in a directory containing the pages to search.
    Run the script.
    Enter words in the search box separated by spaces and hit find.
    The pages found containing the words will be displayed (using the boolean OR). The words found on that page will be displayed.
    Now the user can click the links to go to those pages.

    If you think that it is good enough, I would love for it to be featured. "

  • Fully Data Driven Sample ASP Site by Brian Gillham

    Updated Code: "This release is call WebWorX v2.0 WebWorX fixes numerous bugs and makes an attempt at being XBrowser."

    Databases: Access 97 or Access 2000

    Original Description: "Here is Fully Data Driven Sample ASP Site. Uses extensive ADO. Includes an Access 2000 database (can use SQL just as easily - see the Global.asa), Membership validation, News, Email On-Line (needs CDONTS), a rudimentary BBS and just for fun the Rugby World Cup 99 fixtures and results. This project is for those who want to know more about ADO (especially disconnected and no data sources) I have only tried this site with MSIE5 so if other browsers are being used then I guess they must deal with it.

    I got a lot of ideas from your site and around the 'Net so this my contribution. Just Unzip the entire project into a sub-directory under the root called 'SafeWorX'"

  • Numeric Check by Ed Courtenay

    "I saw Odin Costillos number checker on the visitor contributions section, and decided to touch it up a little with some Regular Expression magic! So here goes..."

Visitor Contributions Pages:  [<< Prev]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]
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