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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • File Download by Jean-Philippe Gravel

    I used your samples and tips a lot and I have learned a lot from you. Now, I would like to send you a script of my own that I hope will be helpful for somebody.

    The script is intended to fasten the presentation of a directory containing files available for download only. It put all files of the directory in a drop down. Then the user just have to select the file, press the download button and that's it, the download begins.

    Please feel free send me your comments and advice."

    Jean-Philippe Gravel

  • Header And Footer by Mike J

    "Here's another one for you!

    This is a variety of the functions code provided on this domain! I made two different functions called HEAD and FOOT.

    I also made a file called functions.asp calling the two function bearing files head.asp and foot.asp.

    This makes a base for a template file and a head and foot document, so that you never again have to write your menu system more than once for an entire web site.

    I posted a sample for this one with a nifty bonus hint on font settings. A bit beginners but its a quite common error even on some larger domains.

    The full source and my template and readme.txt is available here (2,197 bytes!). "

  • Logging Pulldown Navigation by Mike J

    "A script solving the issues of dropdown menu navigation as described in the sample presented here under!

    This script will not issue and JavaScript cross-browser problems as JavaScript is obsolete in it.

    It does the following for you;

    1. Hitlog tracking in a simple form!
    2. Navigation menu from a drop down box!
    3. Describes a usage of the CASE!
    4. Shows a simple form of form-2-db entry!

    And all that in one script!

    The script is available for download from here and contains the readme notes from me, full source code, sample database for MS Access 97 and the files menu.html and redir.asp with the navigation source sample. The zip file is 8,729 bytes!

    I did not bother to create the link files as you will be able to create those yourself by reading the code in redir.asp"

  • Batch File Reader by Glen Solsberry

    "I wrote it to be a Batch File Reader (so that I could instantly check the contents of another batch file), but could easily be converted into any other file type. It creates a link to any files of that type in the file that is read. I.E. If there is a file called hello.bat being called in the file you are editing, then there will be a link placed so that you can read the contents of that file as well. Just thought I'd share this with you.

    It is a single ASP script that would only need two changes. The function call at the bottom (change to directory you would like to search through) and the Constant file_type at the top, (change to the file_type that you would like to search for.)"

  • Date Validation Tables by John Bevilaqua

    "Here is a copy of the SQL DDLs for creating table structures and inserting the data for a SQL Server set of tables suitable for producing pick lists for validation of the Month Names, Month Numbers, Days in each Month and Years in the 20th Century, for example. I will be posting ASP Source later this week which accesses these tables to produce linked pick lists to assure that cross field valids are handled correctly. Leap year logic and Century crossover will be handled in the code produced later. This is my first attempt at producing some modestly valuable data and code to contribute to generally available freeware as a payback for some of the nice code I received previously."

  • Quick Database Connector by Jeremy Morin

    "I don't really have an article but moreover a piece of code that is very useful is getting DB connectivity in a hurry. All you have to set is the server name, database name, username and password and it does everything for you.

    It's really handy in the fact that it dynamically figures out how many columns you have in the SQL statement and writes them back. No messing around with objRecodset("field name") stuff. It just loops through them and outputs the names of the columns and the data returned."

  • Integer Validator by Odin Castillo

    "Here is a useful script to validate that a number is an integer. Is a short file, similar to your PCase function. If you find it useful, let me know."

  • Color Spectrum by Craig Carns

    "Hey I have a contribution to send to you guys. It would work great as an added feature for your bar charts. The code below excepts two variable from a drop down boxs, "number of bars (N)" and "shade of color spectrum. It then produces a row of N cells that contains the color spectrum. Try it and see what I mean, it is hard to explain but could be very useful. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!"

  • IsCreditCard Function by Lewis Moten

    "I have some new code that you may be instested in. It is used with credit cards to make sure they appear valid. This is a bit advanced, but is commonly needed when dealing with ecommerce sites that can not afford real credit card validation. The most advanced feature in this code is the operater known as Mod. I have fully commented code showing what is happening to perform a Mod10 check on credit cards. You are free to use this code on the site. I have attatched a working example to this message, and also provided links for you to view the working code online."

    Colored source code

    Working Example

  • Converting VBScript Array to Javascript Array (1D and 2D) by Anand Venkatraman

    "We come across lot of times a need to convert an Array from ASP page to Javscript, so that we can manipulate in the HTML form using Javascript. Here is an example of how to do that. I have two include files, one for 1D array, one for 2D array and one example page calling those files. You can modify the array, ie calling from a Database (result set) or a COM Component (VB Array) and have the array in Javascript and populate HTML forms and manipulate. Some documentation is available in the code itself. Happy programming!!!"

    "Any questions regarding these files, please feel free to contact"

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