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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • JScript Email Validator by

    "Just thought you might like this one: probably the smallest email validator going!"

  • Database Table Display Class by Volodymyr Kuzmyk

    "Display records in HTML Table using dynamically created object DBTable. This class uses recordset's GetRows method to get the records into an internal array. It is fast and easy to use."

  • Revised Random Key Generator by Ralph Ewry

    "I found the "random key generator" to be a nice little utility, however, the following function makes the process a bit more simple and allows the user to decide how many characters to make the key and if the key should include lower-case letters as well as upper."

  • Query Executor by Yusuf Moola

    "I have a piece of asp code that is very useful ... it is a complete query executer ... it will display whatever you select and execute any insert/update/delete statements."

  • Alphanumeric Key Generator by Frederick S. Kania

    "Function designed to generate a extremely random alphanumeric key. Number of possible different combinations with defined array and digit set to 13, is 36 to 13 power which is 170,581,728,179,578,208,256 unique combinations, this should be adequate for most applications."

  • Modified View Source by Steven Border

    This script is based on our view source sample but it adds line numbers!

  • Encrypt / Decrypt by

    These are two functions which are written in Visual Basic for encryption and decryption of any string. Though they are still crude they can encrypt and decrypt any strings and each time in a different manner. Check them out...

    Please give me your feedback and let me know if i can improve on them.

    Thank U.

  • Birthday Calculator by

    "I took your Year 2000 sample and changed it around into a time passed calculator. Yeah, it is pointless and has no use - but I skipped my Intro to Theater class one day and decided to do it... Anyway - the code is below"

  • HTTP requests by Glenn J. Schworak

    "I have been looking for a way to use ASP to read remote web pages and extract or incorporate the information into my own pages on the fly.

    I didn't have much luck. I found several people asking the same question. One person had an answer using a $50.00 component. (I don't need it that bad)

    Then I found ASPTear a FREE component that does the reading of remote web pages. I was quite happy.

    I created a script that demonstrates how to add a remote page into an existing page on the fly. It takes all (maybe) relative referances and turns them into explicit link referances.

    (ie: /mydir/test.asp would become

    I would like to give you this code to add to your collection if you want it. I am sure it is something others are interested in. I found enough newsgroup and forum entries asking for it.

    Where do I send the code? It is commented and has a link to the ASPTear download site so others can get this free component."

  • Email Validation by Harold Neiper

    "The code below is for an email validation function.  It checks everything that I thought could be checked to determine the validity of an address. Hope this is useful. My name is Harold Neiper and I am a software developer and a web developer."

    Thx  Harold

Visitor Contributions Pages:  [<< Prev]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]
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