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Visitor Contributions

This area is for useful scripts that some of our visitors have contributed. ASP 101 did not write them and is not responsible for the operation of these scripts... heck we don't even take responsibility for our own. ;) We simply found them interesting and or useful and thought some of you might too!

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  • Alternate FormatDateTime Function by

    "This function is a more generalized version of the FormatDate function provided by VBScript. It allows you to enter a format string."

  • Publications Web-to-database Example by Randy D. McCracken

    "In a effort to help others learn from our experiences in creating a Web interface to a publications database we are making example pages available for public viewing and use.  All code necessary to create your own on-line database is available free of charge."

    Note from the webmaster: I've linked directly to the demo on their page, but I'm also mirroring the zip file on our server.

  • Create Profile Wizard by Ray White

    "The purpose of this project is to show how to create a wizard using ASP. This wizard allows a user to add information about themselves as well as optionally select Article Topics that they would like to recieve subscriptions to. This is really cool. I hope the rest of the world can use this! All of the validation is not in place. I tried to keep it as simple as I could. But also give nice usability."

  • Search and Replace by Hendranus Vermeulen

    "I created this asp page to do search and replaces, since I find it real handy when managing my webpage, but the programs I usually use for this always times out! So I decided to write one myself!"

  • WSH zip code sample app by Jason Withrow

    "Hey guys. I have loved your site for a while now it has some really great stuff on it and your people are very nice too. I have been waiting to see something on Windows Scripting host though and I haven't seen anything on your site about it yet!

    So, i built a simple WSH application in VBS, that illustrates some of the power of WSH. All you have to do is download the zip file and click on the zip.vbs file.

    Basically what it does is this. Input box asks for a zip code, it querys a db and displays the city and state of that zip then plays a happy little tune. If the zip code is not real, it displays a message and verbally informs the user that no matches were found. If the user enters null info, it yells at then and displays a msgBox telling them to follow directions. Simple but pretty neat and a cool intro to WSH.

    I have zipped up all the necessary files and built my code so that no dsns or special directories are needed, just download the file, unzip it and run the vbs file. Thats it. You can view the source by right clicking on the vbs file and choosing edit.

    Download my example and necessary files at --

    In order for this example to work a user must have window scripting components on their machine. It is a small free download available from Microsoft"

  • SQL Preparation Functions by Lewis Moten

    These routines are used to allow you to prepare various data types for SQL statements. Some of them determine if a valid data type is being submitted. If it is not valid, "NULL" would be returned to submit into a database.

    For more details or to get the scripts click here.

  • SiteEdit by W. Scott Means

    "It's a little script that that you can use to edit sites when you're away from the office, on the road, or just at someone else's desk. It does directory browsing on the server, and presents an edit window for files that you choose to allow editing on. Obviously this is pretty unsafe, unless you put it in its own virtual directory and use NT ACLs to protect your server."

    Note from the webmaster: Due to the nature of this script, I haven't set up a demo, but it does what it says and actually does it relatively well. Just download it and give it a try already.

  • Primary Key Generator by Stuart Udall

    "I have found your site useful and enjoyable and it has helped me make this little widget below - it generates a random number based on the date and time. It inserts two random numbers wherever there are non-numeric characters in the date string. Y2k compliant. Probability of duplicates is ... pretty low :-)"

  • "Using CDONTS Component to Send Batch Emails" by Durgesh Trimbakkar

    Another take on using CDONTS. Not a lot of description, but it's got a decent amount of sample code and should get you started using CDONTS. It's available either as a MS Word document or a text file.

  • Modified Poll Sample by Douglas L. Setzer, II

    "I think your sample for the voting poll was alright, but, I think it would be more beneficial for webmasters to have the ability to have as many choices as they prefer.

    I thought that you may want to show another more advanced sample with something like this.  I have taken your original sample and modified it - I have attached a zip file that includes a database (polls.mdb) and a couple of ASP pages.

    Please take a few minutes and review the work that I have attached -- you may be able to clean this up a little and redistribute it as a new sample."

    Thank you for your time -

    -Douglas L. Setzer, II

    Note from the webmaster: Well I was too busy (or lazy) to actually clean it up, but here's the code.

Visitor Contributions Pages:  [<< Prev]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7
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