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Script Output:

Sensor Summary

10	Cleared
13	Routine
6	Serious
32	Critical
7	Cleared
0	Routine
18	Serious
112	Critical
30	Cleared
10	Routine
4	Serious
6	Critical
0	Cleared
13	Routine
14	Serious
11	Critical
40	Cleared
30	Routine
20	Serious
10	Critical
87	Cleared
66	Routine
62	Serious
171	Critical
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Total

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It's rare that I post a sample written by someone else, but occasionally someone beats me to the punch or writes code that's good enough that I feel my re-writing it would just be pointless. So without me rambling on any are Tom's comments:

A true stacked bar chart with colors!

Again using that great original bar chart code with a little modification, we can render a true stacked bar chart. We will use a different color for each stack and each stack will have its own tool tip too ! Just pass an array with your colors, one for each bar. The colors are specified by name, each color name has a corresponding spacer, a gif image file that is dynamically plugged into the IMG tag SRC attribute via our asp code. Make sure to place these files in your /images folder. For expanded tool tip information, pass an array with the additional text. Our example chart display five sensors (columns) with four states of alarm. (stacks). The right-hand column (bar) will represent the totals. The tool tip will first display the quantity followed by a description of what this stack on the bar represents. Note: You can embed the VbTab character to separate tool tip text into columns.

How the code works.

The stacked bars will be generated with HTML Styles. Therefore your browser must support styles for the bar chart to display correctly. For a good overview on positioning HTML elements see: Element Positioning We will use a two (2) dimensional array to hold the actual data for the stacks of each bar. Since a real application will probably be getting its data from a database, I have included example code for this enclosed in comments.

Tom Kwasniewski

I removed the database sample code from the running version. It's available in this zip file along with the multitude of colored spacers Tom included with the script. Thanks Tom!


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