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ASP.NET version of "Customization"

Here's an ASP.NET version of our classic "Customization" script. It's basically a little more advanced version of our Colors sample.

To start with, I'm using some ASP.NET HTML Controls in this sample. I usually use the ASP.NET Web Controls, but since the controls don't do all that much (they basically just need to maintain their state) I decided to go this route this time to give you some exposure to alternate ways of doing things. The sample also does some cookie work for which I use a cookie with sub-keys instead of 5 separate cookies. The code's not all different, but it's there for you to take a look at if you want. Finally, you'll also notice that I've wrapped something I do 3 times into its own Sub. I couldn't come up with a good short name for it, although in all honesty I didn't really try that hard, so it's called FormatTextBasedOnFormValues.

Here's a zip file of the code (1.2 KB).

Play with the running version.

View the live source code.

Back to the "Customization" sample


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