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Everybody wants database samples! What's the deal? You mean not everybody sits around writing ASP code for the fun of it and to entertain the visitors to their web site! You actually want to talk to a data source and do something? Why would anyone want to do that!

Well if you insist! This script simply pulls the ID's and names of some imaginary employees from a sales DB and places them into a pull down box. As all you DB lovers out there know, this means when we update the list of employees in the DB, our web-page updates itself to include the new entries automatically. No more going in to change your selections just so people can find the new page which was there to begin with but just wasn't added to the list! From the pull down, you select the employee you want to see details on and press the submit button. Then, as if by magic, all the details for that employee appear on the resulting page!

It's a simple enough script and the database is even simpler which sort of explains the lack of any real usefulness to this sample as is. If you connect it to an employee database with some useful content and cool pictures or gossip about the employees, it might actually be helpful ( or at least interesting ) to read!

For those of you who care, this is the same DB as our original Database sample. If for some reason you want a copy of the DB you can download it here.


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