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FAQ for the Database Sort sample:

Is it possible to modify the script so that it only displays some of the fields? For example, I'd like to stop the ID field from displaying, but I'd still like to use its value to pass the ID to a details page.

Of course! ASP wouldn't be very useful if you couldn't do things like that. Unfortunately it seems that the more I try to shorten my sample scripts, the less clear some things become. This probably wouldn't have ever been a question if I had done things the old fashioned way and hard-coded my headers and built my table by hand. In an effort to make things more modular and less likely to need massive changes when you attach the script to your own database, I let the data returned from the database dictate the table columns that are displayed, but that doesn't mean that you have to do it that way.

Take a look at this alternate version of the sample. Notice that it doesn't display the id field in the table, but if you hover over a record, the tool tip that appears will contain the salesman's ID. You can use the same method to pass the value via a QueryString parameter or display it in any way you'd like... if you can do something in HTML, there's no reason you can't get ASP to do it for you.

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