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FAQ for the Form Handler sample:

How do I change the validation rules or add a new set?

At the top of the sample you'll find a function called ValidateField which takes two parameters sFieldValue, sFieldType. The first is the value that you want to validate. The second tells the function which set of rules to validate against. If you want to edit or add a new set of rules, all you need to do is find the appropriate Case or add a new Case to the Select Case statement and name it what you will pass in the second parameter. This is where the function will look when you pass it a parameter and tell it to validate against those rules.

For example: ValidateField("", "email") will use the set of rules for the "email" case and will return True if "" is a properly formatted email address.

How can I get a copy of the check.gif file?

Well... I'm not an artist, but I have to say this check mark is some of my best work! ;)

Seriously can get a copy from here. If you're having trouble, try right-clicking on the above link and choosing "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". That should get you a copy.

I made some changes and now the For Each Field in Request.Form line picks up the submit button. Why?

The For Each command picks up each item in the given collection. Browsers usually only return form fields with names when they submit a form. So, as posted, the submit button doesn't have a name attribute and is therefore not returned to the server in the Request.Form collection. If you add a name it'll get returned and this is almost certainly what has happened here.

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