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FAQ for the Pulldown Navigation sample:

How do I populate the pulldown navigation box from a database?

If you are looking to populate your pulldown from a database you should check out the following Database Pulldown Sample.

How can I specify a frame with Response.Redirect? I want the server side equivalent of HTML's target attribute. For example... if there's a security problem, I want to redirect the entire site to a new URL... not just the one frame.

The short answer is... you can't. Redirect's happen server-side while frames are controlled entirely on the client-side. The server doesn't even know your page is in frames and as such it knows nothing about them.

What you can do to work around this type of problem is to place some of the logic in the page that controls your top level frameset. By doing some fancy URL passing you can work around most issues with frames.

Another approach is to consider dropping the frames altogether. You'll notice they've fallen out of fashion on most sites on the web. They came about to bypass a lot of the limitations of the early versions of HTML. Now with broad support for CSS and DHTML, most of the things that previously could only be done with frames are now pretty easy to do without them. That, along with better server-side languages and the added complexity frames usually add to the design process have made frames an endangered species.

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