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FAQ for the Source Code sample:

It's cool, but it's not showing anything when I run it?

There are a couple possible reasons for this.

First of all you need to pass it the name of the file to view in the querystring. The file needs to be in the same directory as the script and technically you should URLEncode the filename. For example this would view the source of source.asp:

The other thing which will cause you to not get any results back stems from the purpose this sample was written. Since we use it to show you code that is running on our site, I've implemented a filtering mechanism which tells the script to ignore non-applicable code and therefore not show it. The tags are the HTML comments <!-- BEGIN SCRIPT --> and <!-- END SCRIPT -->. If you don't at least have the beginning tag in the file you're trying to display the source of then nothing will get shown at all. This makes for a nice little security feature to ensure people only see the code you want them to, but if it starts to cramp your style, it can easily be disabled by either commenting out the conditions that check for them and setting ProcessString = 1 or by changing the condition on the limiting If to True.

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