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Have you noticed how everyone's using pulldowns for navigation all of a sudden. It seems like it's the hottest thing since the whole left side frame navigation incident which happened when everyone first started using frames. Well, so as not to be left out, we figured we'd do it too.

The script's pretty straight forward, but for a couple of reasons I decided to split it up into two pages. Well... once I did that and simplified things a little, I thought I'd add another cute little feature to try and confuse you again! That's where the "Toggle Auto Navigation" link comes in.

This is another little tidbit that lots of sites are doing in conjunction with the pulldown navigation. When it's enabled, there's no submit button and simply choosing an option will submit the form for you. I feel I should take this opportunity to remind everyone that this site is not "Client-Side JavaScript 101" so if the client side stuff doesn't work in your particular browser I'm sorry, but you're on your own! I'm just amazed we got it working at all!


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