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1.  What does ASP stand for?

  1. Active Server Pages
  2. Additional Sensory Perception
  3. Accidental Script Problem
  4. Altruistically Solving Problems
  5. Additional Sleeping Preferred
  6. Any Solution Possible

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The idea for this sample comes from a high school history teacher who's been using the internet to try and help get his students interested in learning. Well, I can't think of a better goal or a better way to use technology than to help people learn... so when we heard that he was looking for a way to give quizzes using ASP... what could we do but write a sample to do it? Now I don't know about you, but I hated history with a passion when I was in high school. I just wish someone had done this when I was stuck trying to figure out who was president during which events! I'm not saying my grades would have improved, but it certainly couldn't have hurt them very much! (Ok... so the web didn't exist when I was in high school, but you get the point!)

To provide some flexibility, I've allowed this sample to run off of 2 possible data sources. The DB is a simple 2 table system. You can get a sample copy here. The second option is to just hard code in the values. I guess that's not really a data source, but oh well! I've set off the areas you'd need to change with ASP script comments which say BEGIN HARD CODE and END HARD CODE. I believe there are three places, but just do a search in your favorite text editor and you should find them all.

I've tried to add some flair with the little status indicator, but it's purely ornamental and can easily be removed or changed as can most of the code so you can get the quiz to fit right in with your site layout. As always, this is just meant as a sample, but if you do have any problems or questions please let me know.

Just so you know... most of the questions are pretty easy, but be sure to read all the choices and choose the best answer! While many of the choices are silly... the real answers to the questions are mixed in with the funny ones! Number 9 may take some thought, but it's really only there to show that you can do multi-line questions and answers and we make up for it with an insanely easy number 10! ;)


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