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Script Output:
Search For:

Searching Text File "../samples/textfilesearch.txt" for "":
Name              Sales
David Andersen    6420
Steven Buchanan   3245
Laura Callahan    3675
Nancy Dodsworth   2750
Frank Edwards     3840
Andrew Fuller     5000
Chris Graham      4050
Peter Hopkins     6710
Owen Ingraham     4750
Edward Jones      3450
Robert King       5290
Janet Leverling   6250
Greg Miller       5640
Beth Nelson       4345
Ian Ostrander     3965
Margaret Peacock  4685
Howard Quinn      5865
Kate Richards     4260
Fred Smith        6370
Tammy Steel       3570
Vincent Thompson  4820
Debra Underwood   3790
Linda Valentino   2965
Mark White        4500
Simon Xavier      5580
Quincy Youngs     4420
Walter Zimmerman  4980

The text searched for was found on the following lines in the file:

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ASP.NET Version

This sample shows you how to search a text file for a phrase. As it is currently implemented, it displays the complete file being searched with the search phrase highlighted and lists the line numbers on which the search phrase was found at the bottom. The search is case sensitive and seems to work quite quickly. I've tested it on files with up to 10,000 lines and about 250 KB and the results still come back pretty darn fast.

One final note... although we list the line numbers on which the text is found, we don't actually keep track of the number of occurances of the search phrase found in the file. If the text is on the same line multiple times, the line number is still listed just once.

You can view the plain text file being searched here: ../samples/textfilesearch.txt


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