ASP 101 - Active Server Pages 101 url_linker.aspx
<%@ Page Language="VB" %>
<script language="VB" runat="server">
	Sub Page_Load(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)
		If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
			myTextBox.Text = " is the best ASP " _
				& "site, but and " _
				& " are awesome too."
		End If
	End Sub
	Sub myButton_OnClick(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs)
		myLiteral.Text = LinkURLs(myTextBox.Text)
	End Sub
	' This function takes a string as input and links any http's it
	' finds so that they are then clickable in a browser.  If only
	' looks for http:// so alone wouldn't link, but
	' would.
	Function LinkURLs(strInput)
		Dim iCurrentLocation  ' Our current position in the input string
		Dim iLinkStart        ' Beginning position of the current link
		Dim iLinkEnd          ' Ending position of the current link
		Dim strLinkText       ' Text we're converting to a link
		Dim strOutput         ' Return string with links in it
		' Start at the first character in the string
		iCurrentLocation = 1
		' Look for http:// in the text from the current position to
		' the end of the string.  If we find it then we start the
		' linking process otherwise we're done because there are no
		' more http://'s in the string.
		Do While InStr(iCurrentLocation, strInput, "http://", 1) <> 0
			' Set the position of the beginning of the link
			iLinkStart = InStr(iCurrentLocation, strInput, "http://", 1)
			' Set the position of the end of the link.  I use the
			' first space as the determining factor.
			iLinkEnd = InStr(iLinkStart, strInput, " ", 1)
			' If we didn't find a space then we link to the
			' end of the string
			If iLinkEnd = 0 Then iLinkEnd = Len(strInput) + 1
			' Take care of any punctuation we picked up
			Select Case Mid(strInput, iLinkEnd - 1, 1)
				Case ".", "!", "?"
					iLinkEnd = iLinkEnd - 1
			End Select
			' This adds to the output string all the non linked stuff
			' up to the link we're curently processing.
			strOutput = strOutput & Mid(strInput, iCurrentLocation, iLinkStart - iCurrentLocation)
			' Get the text we're linking and store it in a variable
			strLinkText = Mid(strInput, iLinkStart, iLinkEnd - iLinkStart)
			' Build our link and append it to the output string
			strOutput = strOutput & "<a href=""" & strLinkText & """>" & strLinkText & "</a>"
			' Some good old debugging
			'Response.Write iLinkStart & "," & iLinkEnd & "<br />" & vbCrLf
			' Reset our current location to the end of that link
			iCurrentLocation = iLinkEnd
		' Tack on the end of the string.  I need to do this so we
		' don't miss any trailing non-linked text
		strOutput = strOutput & Mid(strInput, iCurrentLocation)
		' Set the return value
		LinkURLs = strOutput
	End Function
  <title>ASP.NET URL Linker Sample</title>
<form runat="server">
<p>Enter some text containing hyperlinks for the script to link up:</p>
<asp:TextBox id="myTextBox" runat="server"
	 TextMode = "MultiLine"
	 Columns  = "60"
	 Rows     = "5"
<br />
<asp:Button id="myButton" runat="server"
	Text    = "Submit Text"
	OnClick = "myButton_OnClick" 
<br />
<br />
<p><strong>Text After Linking:</strong></p>
<asp:Literal id="myLiteral" runat="server" />
<hr />
Click <a href="">here</a> to read about and download the source code.