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ASP.NET version of "Variable Types"

There's lots of new and exciting stuff to do with variables in the new managed code world: Variants are now Objects, Integers have been shuffled a bit, Currency is gone, and a Char appeared! On top of all that, there's actually even bigger news. Now you can, and IMHO should, strongly type your variables. Forget Option Explicit... Option Strict all the way baby!

In the process of all this you also get to see some of the new exception handling in this sample. It's pretty simple, but if you stop and think about it... should error handling be simple so it doesn't cause more errors? ;)

I'm still trying to get used to this new world so if anyone has any ideas of how to clean up the code feel free to drop me a line. The standard "don't call me when it doesn't work" still applies. When we get to V1 stages I'll make sure it's a little more bulletproof, but for now all I can tell you is that it works over here. ;)

Here's a zip file of the code!

Play with the running version.

Back to the "Variable Types" sample


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