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ASP Source Code:
' Note that I'm using the Win2000 CDO syntax!  I'm
' assuming most people are off of NT4 by now.
' For simplicity and because I'm not letting you enter
' them, I'm not validating email addresses. If you let
' people enter them you should at least do some
' rudimentary level of validation to ensure entries
' are valid.
Dim objMessage
Set objMessage = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
With objMessage
	' Set message attributes
	.To       = "Full Name <user name@some>"
	.From     = "Full Name <user name@some>"
	.Subject  = "Email Attachment Sample"
	.TextBody = "This email should have an attachment attached!"
	' Attachment using known static physical path
	'.AddAttachment "c:\somepath\somefile.txt"
	' Attachment using mappath to find the physical path
	.AddAttachment Server.MapPath("images/asp101-100x30.gif")
	' Attachment added directly from a URL
	.AddAttachment ""
	' Send message - uncomment the following line only
	' AFTER you've entered appropriate To and From
	' addresses above.  Then the script will actually
	' send the messages.
End With
Set objMessage = Nothing
Messages are <strong>not</strong> being sent... check the code for comments.

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