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ASP 101 is an site
ASP 101 is an site
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ASP 101 News Flash ASP 101 News Flash

Sample HTML Code generated by the ASP:
<font style="
font-family: Times;
font-size:   14pt;
font-style:  Italic;
font-weight: Bold;
color:       #0000FF;
This is the text that will vary in appearence based
on the settings you choose.
<form action="/samples/custom.asp" method="get">
<select name="family">
  <option >Arial</option>
  <option >Courier</option>
  <option >Symbol</option>
  <option selected>Times</option>
<select name="size">
  <option >8pt</option>
  <option >10pt</option>
  <option >12pt</option>
  <option selected>14pt</option>
  <option >16pt</option>
<select name="style">
  <option >Normal</option>
  <option selected>Italic</option>
<select name="weight">
  <option >Normal</option>
  <option selected>Bold</option>
<select name="color">
  <option value="#00FFFF" >Aqua</option>
  <option value="#000000" >Black</option>
  <option value="#0000FF" selected>Blue</option>
  <option value="#FF00FF" >Fushsia</option>
  <option value="#00FF00" >Lime</option>
  <option value="#FF0000" >Red</option>
  <option value="#FFFFFF" >White</option>
  <option value="#FFFF00" >Yellow</option>
<br />
<br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Preview Settings" />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save Settings To A Cookie" />
Just a link back to this page without anything on the QueryString
so that the values from the cookie or the default values kick in.
<a href="/samples/custom.asp">
View using the settings saved in your cookie.


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