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Sample HTML Code generated by the ASP:
<H3>This is our cool sample links page!</H3>
The great thing is you can format it any way you want, and as long
as the links and comments are contained in their comment tags,
all the formatting will survive through adding, deleting, or
updating a link.<BR>
However, since we can't predict what separators you'll want when we
add a new link, we simply take whatever the last one used and use
that!  The tags contained between the Begin Link and End Comment
will also be deleted when deleting a tag so that you don't get
extra carriage returns or table rows after you delete a link from
your list.<BR>
Lastly, if you think this is a way to get a free link to your page
from ASP 101, you're right!  However, we obviously reserve the right
to take down any links we object to (as can anyone else who visits!)
We'll also come in and replace the links file on a periodic basis if
we need to just to keep things tidy and easy for visitors to
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><!-- Begin Link 1 --><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="../images/logochalk.gif"></A><!-- End Link 1 --></TD><TD><!-- Begin Comment 1 -->The best Active Server Pages site on the net!<!-- End Comment 1 --></TD></TR>
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><!-- Begin Link 2 --><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="../images/cmborder.gif" BORDER=0></A><!-- End Link 2 --></TD><TD><!-- Begin Comment 2 -->The creators of ASP 101!<!-- End Comment 2 --></TD></TR>
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><!-- Begin Link 3 --><A HREF="">Microsoft</A><!-- End Link 3 --></TD><TD><!-- Begin Comment 3 -->The creators of the Active Server Pages platform!<!-- End Comment 3 --></TD></TR>
<A HREF="./links.asp">Back to the link management area!</A><BR>
<FONT SIZE=1>Did you notice there's no yellow paper background!  How'd that happen?  ;)</FONT>


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