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ASP 101 is an site
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Sample HTML Code generated by the ASP:
<B>ASP Source Code:</B>
<B>ASP Source Code:</B>
<FONT COLOR=#FF0000><%
Dim objFSO, objInFile 'object variables for file access
Dim strIn, strTemp    'string variables for reading and color processing
Dim I                 'standard loop control variable
Dim strASPFileName    'string containing filename of ASP file to view
Dim ProcessString     'flag determining whether or not to output each line
' We don't start showing code till we find the start script comment
ProcessString = 0
' Get file name from query string
strASPFileName = Request.QueryString("file")
' Conditional limiting use of this file to current directory
If InStr(1, strASPFileName, "\", 1) Then strASPFileName = ""
If InStr(1, strASPFileName, "/", 1) Then strASPFileName = ""
If strASPFileName <> "" Then
        Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        Set objInFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile("C:\INetPub\wwwroot\asp101\samples\" & strASPFileName)
        Response.Write "<PRE>" & vbCRLF
        ' Loop Through Real File and Output Results to Browser
        Do While Not objInFile.AtEndOfStream
                strIn = Server.HTMLEncode(objInFile.ReadLine)
                ' Check for start script comment
                If InStr(1, strIn, "&lt;!-- BEGIN SCRIPT --&gt;", 1) Then
                        ProcessString = 1
                        strIn = Server.HTMLEncode(objInFile.ReadLine)
                End If
                ' Check for end script comment
                If InStr(1, strIn, "&lt;!-- END SCRIPT --&gt;", 1) Then ProcessString = 0
                ' If we're on a line to be processed then do so
                If ProcessString = 1 Then
                        strTemp = ""
                        ' Loop through line
                        For I = 1 to Len(strIn)
                                ' First look for script openers to start red
                                If InStr(I, strIn, "&lt;%", 1) = I Then
                                        strTemp = strTemp & "<FONT COLOR=#FF0000>" & Mid(strIn, I, 1)
                                        ' If no script openers look for closers to end red
                                        If InStr(I, strIn, "%&gt;", 1) = I Then
                                                strTemp = strTemp & "%&gt;</FONT>"
                                                I = I + 4
                                                ' If neither just copy to strTemp as is
                                                strTemp = strTemp & Mid(strIn, I, 1)
                                        End If
                                End If
                        ' Output out processed line
                        Response.Write strTemp & vbCRLF
                End If
        Response.Write "</PRE>" & vbCRLF
        ' Close file and free variables
        Set objInFile = Nothing
        Set objFSO = Nothing
        ' If they entered no filename or one with a / or \ ... deny access
        Response.Write "Sorry, but you do not have access to view files outside the current directory."
End If


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