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Script Output:
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ASP.NET Version

This sample does the same thing as our standard XML to HTML (via XSL) sample except that this version retrieves the XML and XSL file via HTTP (from a remote server) instead of from the file system (from your web server).

In order for the XML processor to handle remote files you need to set the ServerHTTPRequest property to True. You can read more about the process in the following KnowledgeBase article:
PRB: Load Method Fails When Loading XML File Over HTTP

The most likely scenario I can see for this type of script would involve a remote XML file and a local XSL file so that's what I've implemented in this sample, but it's just as easy to retreive both files via HTTP. I've left the lines needed to retrieve the XSL file remotely in the code and have just commented them out.

Because of the additional HTTP requests, this version of the script will run slower then the standard version and is more likely to break due to network outages. You can deal with these issues by implementing some caching, but that's somewhat beyond the scope of the sample. If I get enough requests for it I'll add a new sample illustrating the process.


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