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An Overview of ASP.NET
Connections, Commands, And Procedures
What is ASP?

ByVal Vs. ByRef
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Quick Tips

- Basic authentication vs. NT Challenge and Response
- ASP and Personal Web Server
- ASP Code-Based Security
- (<OBJECT> vs. Server.CreateObject())
- Authenticating Anonymous requests
- Avoid unnecessary window switching
- Batch your code to save processing time
- Changing the default scripting language at the server level
- Changing your default scripting language
- Controlling How a Page is Cached
- Don't touch that mouse!
- Dragging and dropping a Data Command DTC
- Fix for IIS security bug
- Hiding and restoring Visual InterDev's Workspace pane
- IIS and complex polygons
- Image maps 101
- Improve efficiency with server-side includes
- Manage sessions individually in IIS4
- Multifaceted image maps
- Persistent Radio Buttons
- Previewing ASP pages in Visual InterDev 6.0
- Protecting your server from a crashing application
- Quick query design
- Rating the content of your web site
- Server-Side vs. Client-Side Scripting
- HTTP Status Codes
- The big picture
- Use the front door, please!
- Using authorization headers
- Using Cookies in your ASP page
- Variable Name Prefixes
- Use Visual InterDev
- Scope out your variables
- Use client-side validation
- Separate HTML and script
- Group related functions in your includes
- Utilize browser capabilities
- Use design-time controls
- Query your database with ADO
- Encapsulate business logic in components
- Use transactions wherever possible
- Connection Pooling lightens the load
- Comment your code
- Close and free up object references
- Using Response.CacheControl
- Use variables to speed up collection access
- Use VBScript's TypeName to resolve type mismatch errors
- Cache commonly used values in application variables
- Don't use ODBC for your database connections
- Navigation Stars *
- Recompiling components without rebooting
- Send Email from an ASP Page
- Transactions in ASP
- Upgrade to the 5.5 Scripting Engine
- Read the VBscript Documentation
- Date Delimiter for Access and SQL Server
- How to Empty an Array
- Check More Than Just Your ASP Code
- Use Response.Write Instead of Building Strings
- Don't use the Default Web Site
- Don't Forget that Final /
- Watch your Paths with Server.Transfer
- Scriptless ASP Pages
- Watch Your Whitespace
- Update Your ADO Components
- On Error Don't Resume Next
- ByVal Vs. ByRef
- VBScript's Line Continuation Character
- Use Descriptive Naming Of Files And Directories
- Is The User Still There?
- Comparing Strings in VBScript
- Using " in your Strings
- Autofix IIS Failures
- IIS Reset
- Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most
- Always Validate Input On The Server
- How To Search for ASP Knowledge Base Articles
- Global.asa OnEnd Events Don't Run
- Configure IIS to Perform Reverse DNS Lookups
- Using Quotes in Your SQL Commands
- Single Quotes Work Fine With ADO
- Use With When Working With Objects
- Troubleshoot By Using AppendToLog
- Use AdExecuteNoRecords
- Use RecordSet.Filter
- Set Response.Buffer = True
- Never Use CreateObject
- Create Database Tables From ASP
- Bust Caching Once and For All
- Who Is This IUSR_machinename Anyway?
- Displaying Data from ASP in Excel
- Reference Recordset Fields by Any Name
- Make Your Scripts Filename Independent
- ASP-Scripted Style Sheets
- Always Put "s Around Your Data
- Compact An Access Database File From ASP
- Accessing a Password Protected Access DB
- Use Server-Side Script to Write Client-Side Script
- Using Access Hyperlink Fields From ASP
- Switch to Fewer Colors Before Capturing Images
- The QueryString Has a Maximum Length
- Attach Files from Interdev to Email Messages Easily
- Anti-Virus Software Can Cause Problems
- Watch The Case of Your URLs for Your Cookies' Sake
- Cache HTTP Requests
- Dim Even When Not Using Option Explicit
- Find The Properties of an ADO Connection
- Make Access Write Your SQL For You
- Keep Track of Multiple Current Records
- Nested Script Tag Weirdness
- Convert Colors Between RGB and Hex
- Easily Troubleshoot File Permission Errors
- What Day of the Week Is That?
- Be Sure To Randomize Your Random Numbers
- Hiding Your ASP Code
- Handling "File In Use" Errors when Updating an Access DB
- Keeping an Eye on Free Disk Space
- What's the difference between objRS("name") and objRS.Fields("name")?
- Jump to Any Line Number in Visual Studio
- Host ASP Sites on Non-ASP Servers
- How to Debug an ASP Project with Visual Studio .NET
- Sending an Email to Multiple Recipients
- Exporting HTML from Word
- Don't Use Select *
- Basic Authentication at its Most Basic
- Basic Debugging in Classic ASP
- Reduce Web Form Spam by Checking Server Variables
- Bracket Your [Table Names] for Access via OLE DB
- Store Image Paths, Not Images
- Use Relative Instead of Absolute Paths
- Don't Retrieve Data When Using Recordset.AddNew
- Disable Buffering to Simplify Debugging
- Tidy Up That Code
- Stop Users from Double Clicking
- Make Your Site's RSS Feed Shine
- Be Sure You Disabled Debugging
- Use Trace.Write Instead of Response.Write for Debugging
- Cookie-less Sessions
- Make Sure Colors Exist
- What Does That Label Control Label?
- Setting an Outlook Flag on an Email Message
- The Down Side of ViewState
- Use Option Strict
- Use the Literal Control for Precise Rendering
- DefaultButton and DefaultFocus Properties
- Modifying File Timestamps
- The Mysterious Extra Bytes
- Visual Studio 2008's Multi-Targeting Support
- Sortable Date Format
- Saving Data to an Excel File
- How To Calculate Age
- Use the Same Event Handler for Multiple Objects
- Move Settings Out of the Web.config File
- Leaving Scripts and Styles Inline
- Installing IIS on Windows Vista Home Premium
- Name Your Development Sites
- How To List The Tables In A Database
- Jump To a File in Windows Explorer Directly From Visual Studio
- Help Stop Cross-Site Scripting Attacks with HttpOnly Cookies
- Response.Redirect vs. "301 Moved Permanently"
- Cut or Copy Entire Lines Instantly in Visual Studio
- Visual Studio Item Templates
- Spell Check from Within Visual Studio
- ASP.NET's MachineKey Element and Web Farms
- How to Register a Control for Application-Wide Use
- Apply Master Pages By Folder
- Be Sure to Handle Errors to Continue Script Execution
- Instantly Find Sub and Function Declarations
- Read-Only Session State

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