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Quick Tips

Watch The Case of Your URLs for Your Cookies' Sake

Having problems with cookies on your site? It might not be a cookie problem at all. It might be an issue with the case you're using in the links that you type.

While IIS and IE are not case sensitive, some browsers (including some versions of Netscape Navigator) can get confused when you refer to the same location using different cases. This can cause the browser to inadvertently not send previously set cookies within the specifid scope along with the request for the page as they should.

For example, if you sometimes refer to a location as:


and other times refer to the same location as:


it's possible that cookies sent with the request for one of the above might not be sent with a request for the other.

To eliminate this problem, when creating anchor tags and links, you should use a uniform way of refering to each path / document within your site. It doesn't matter if it's all caps, all lower, or mixed case, as long as it's always the same.

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