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Cache HTTP Requests

It's not uncommon these days for your web site to include lots of different types of information from lots of different sources. If it's not already, one of these sources will probably soon be a remote web server. While this type of information exchange can be a valuable asset, it can also be quite a bottleneck.

With client internet connections getting faster every day, slow response times can really hurt your site's perceived quality. If you're making an HTTP request with every request it's almost certainly slowing things down.

Luckily many things are much faster then making a connection to another server. These include application variables, the file system, and local databases. Storing information in one of these locations when you initially retrieve it and using it for future requests can dramatically speed things up.

While this obviously won't work for applications that require real-time data exchange, for many applications it works great. Even a relatively short caching time (like 15 minutes) can have a dramatic effect on a high traffic site. If you serve 100 pages in those 15 minutes then you've saved making 99 slow requests to the remote server!

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