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Quick Tips

Dim Even When Not Using Option Explicit

If for any reason you ever find yourself not using Option Explicit (IE: maintaining someone else's old code), you should still dimension all the variables you use. A dimensioned variable works almost twice as fast as an implicitly created variable.

If you do a speed test on:

For lngCnt = 1 To 1000000000

compared to:

Dim lngCnt
For lngCnt = 1 To 1000000000

you will find that the second one finishes much faster.

When you dimension your variables, it's best to do so at the top of the page. Some people tend to dimension them just before they are used, but that makes it difficult to see what variables are used, often leads to less readable code, and can even cause problems:

A Dim statement is always executed, even if it is inside a code section that isn't. This is because the Dim statements are executed first when compiling to reserve the required memory. For example, this will give you a "Name Redefined" error:

If False Then
    Dim lngCnt '<---- Always Executed
End If
Dim lngCnt '<---- Will Cause an Error


Thanks go out to Göran Andersson for this Quick Tip.

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