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Keep Track of Multiple Current Records

So you're building an ASP page that uses data from a recordset and you realize that things would be much easier if you could just keep track of multiple current records. Guess what... you can!

Enter recordset cloning. It's not quite what you'd think it'd be. There are no sheep involved... just kidding! The Clone method doesn't create another copy of the data, but instead creates another copy of the recordset object. Because of this, it's more efficient then opening another connection to the database and any change you make to the data in one is immediatly reflected in the other.

The concept can actually get a little confusing, but there are times when it can come in handy and it's really easy to do:

Set rstClone = rstSheep.Clone

You'll now have two copies of the original recordset. They'll both contain the same records, but you can filter and move through them independently.

And if you want your new clone to be read-only, that's easy enough too:

Set rstClone = rstSheep.Clone(adLockReadOnly)

For more information on cloning, you might want to read the documentaion for the Clone method of the Recordset object from MSDN.

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