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What Day of the Week Is That?

Have you ever needed to know what day of the week a given date falls on? Whether you use this knowledge simply for planning your vacations (as I do) or you've got a more noble use in mind, it's a piece of information that can be pretty handy.

To find the day of the week that a given date falls on, you can use the Weekday function built into VBScript:

<%= Weekday(#July 4, 2002#) %>

The above will return the value 5 since the date specfied falls on a Thursday and Thursday is the 5th day of the week. From here you could easily write a function to take this value and return the name of the day, but there's no need to... VBScript will do it for you. If you want VBScript to return the name of the day and not just a number, you just use the WeekdayName function to convert the number into the appropriate name:

<%= WeekdayName(Weekday(#July 4, 2002#)) %>

The line above will return Thursday. Supplying the optional parameter for Abbreviate and setting it to True (as illustrated below) will return an abbreviated version.

<%= WeekdayName(Weekday(#July 4, 2002#), True) %>

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