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Be Sure To Randomize Your Random Numbers

I recently got an email from a user who was complaining that his computer couldn't generate a random number. He had used the Rnd() function to generate a number between 0 and 1 and then done the calculations to get a number in the range he needed, but no matter what he tried it was always giving him the same value.

Well the problem is that computers really aren't very good at picking random numbers. They actually create sequences of pseudo-random numbers by using a formula. The problem is this formula needs a value to get started. It's called a seed value and, unless you tell it otherwise, your computer always starts with the same seed value when it's asked for a random number. The result is that the computer always generates the same sequence of "random" numbers. (So much for them being random!)

The solution is to call the Randomize() statement before making your first call to Rnd(). This causes the computer to initialize the random number generator using a seed value based on the system timer and will give you numbers that are a little less predictable.

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