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Bracket Your [Table Names] for Access via OLE DB

I recently got an email from a user who thought that he should share something he ran across when trying to switch from ODBC to OLE DB for his Access database queries. Here's a excerpt from the email:

To use the OLE DB provider with a Microsoft Access database, all SQL references to table names must be surrounded in [square brackets]! This foiled me for months. As a result, most of my sites are still using OBDC because I couldn't get them to work with OLE DB until I figured this out. The worst part is that many weird and unhelpful errors were generated and not one of them mentioned this. I note that most of your examples do not do this, presumably because it's not necessary in SQL Server, but it definitely is when using OLE DB with Access.

ex. SQL = "SELECT * FROM [tblBinData] WHERE ... ;"

Definitely an important tip. While the brackets aren't needed for SQL Server, they don't hurt anything either, so feel free to go ahead and use the brackets even if you're only using Access temporarily. Thanks go out to Gary Snow for writing in and sharing this tip.

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