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Store Image Paths, Not Images

One of our visitors sent in the following e-mail about handling images with a database.

Rather than including an image in a database I tend to store just a filename. Keeps the file sizes small.

So in a staff page the image is displayed:

<img height="100" src="images/<%= rstSimple.Fields("photo").Value %>" alt="<%= rstSimple.Fields("name").Value %>">

Or, if you prefer, the photo field could contain the full URL.

Have also used an asp page to create a page of thumbnails of all images in a folder using the FileSystemObject - handy for digital photography.


You're absolutely right Andrew. For most projects, the additional overhead and work involved in storing the actual images in the database just isn't worth it. Especially when just storing the location is so much simpler and generally performs better too.

For those of you who are interested in something similar to Andrew's thumbnail page idea, you might take a look at our An ASP Image Browser (and Killer!) article and our Filtered Directory List sample. Both of them use code that could very easily be tweaked and used to browse digital photographs.

Thanks go out to Andrew Johnson for sending in this tip.

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