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How To Calculate Age

Determining a person's age given their date of birth seems simple enough, but I get a lot of email from people who can't seem to get the code working as it should.

Most of the code I get sent usually looks something like this:

intAge = DateDiff(DateInterval.Year, dtBirthDate, Today())

or the slightly less error-prone:

intAge = DateDiff(DateInterval.Month, dtBirthDate, Today()) \ 12

The problem with both of these is in the way the DateDiff function works. If the person's birthday has not yet occurred this year, using either of the options above will lead to an incorrect result. Depending on if you're in the same month as the birthdate, one or both of the above will give an age which makes the person seem a year older then they actually are.

Here's a function which compensates for this common mistake. It checks if the person's birthday has already passed this year and adjusts the resulting age accordingly.

Function Age(ByVal dtBirthDate As Date) As Integer
    Dim intAge As Integer
    intAge = DateDiff(DateInterval.Year, dtBirthDate, Today())
    If Today() < DateSerial(Year(Today()), Month(dtBirthDate), Day(dtBirthDate)) Then
        intAge = intAge - 1
    End If
    Return intAge
End Function

The function is not difficult, but it can be a little confusing to write yourself. Luckily you don't have to... just use ours.

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