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Quick Tips

Spell Check from Within Visual Studio

If you've ever cut and pasted text from Visual Studio into Microsoft Word just to check for spelling errors then this tip is for you.

I'm not the world's worst speller, but the fact that most of the programs I use automatically tell me when I've misspelled something hasn't helped me get any better. I also know that I should probably be writing any blocks of text in a word processor before I move them to Visual Studio, but it always seems to cause more problems with the formatting then the spelling problems it solves. So, when I found that Microsoft had finally released a spell checker for Visual Studio (which I've been asking for since Visual InterDev 1.0), I was quite pleased.

I've been using the Visual Studio Spell Checker for a while now and have found it to be incredibly helpful, so when I saw they released a new version with full Visual Studio 2008 SP1 support, I figured it was time I helped spread the news.

You can download the latest version from the Visual Web Developer Team Blog site. It's quite simple to use and the release page includes just about everything you'd ever need to know about the tool, so I'll leave the rest to you.

Note: Unfortunately, despite the name of the blog, the spell checker currently only works for the non-Express versions of Visual Studio. With any luck, they'll eventually provide a version for the Express SKUs, but for the time being, VWD users will still need to watch what they type.

Hopefully this great little tool will make the Web a better place us all by helping developers post pages that contain fewer spelling errors.  ;)

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