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Server-Side vs. Client-Side Scripting
When you create a dynamic html page the code that makes the changes to the web page must be run in one of two places. It can be client-side code executed by the user's web browser, or it can be server-side code executed by the server. There are advantages and disadvantages to using one over the other, and a well-planned mix of the two can have a dramatic effect on your web page.

The advantages of server-side scripting are many. Because all of the server side code is executed before the HTML is sent to the browser, your code is hidden. Server-side code is also the only choice if you want to access files and directories on the local machine. Server-side code is also browser independent. Because the HTML code returned by the server is simple HTML, you do not have to worry about the version of browser the client is using. The disadvantage to server-side scripting is that the server must use valuable resources to parse each page it sends out. This could slow down your web site.

Client-side scripting can be very useful. The major advantage is that each web browser uses its own resources to execute the code found on the web page. This eases the burden on the server. The disadvantages are that you can not prevent the user from seeing your code and that you can not use client-side code to access local files, directories, or databases.

By designing your web site to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of both client-side and server-side scripting, you can protect your code and get maximum performance.
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